Security Consulting & Assessment

Our security professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, offering bespoke security consulting services that are designed to protect your assets, staff, and operations.

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Physical Security

Beau Dietl Security supplies officers consisting of former military and law enforcement to meet the most demanding security needs.

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Site Development

Risk mitigation is a key to successful real estate ventures. Beau Dietl Security has a nearly 40 year track record of working with clients in the real estate industry.

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Corporate Security

In today’s complex world of corporate risk, threats can come from any direction. Companies must rely on a partner that can not only formulate an effective strategy but also implement those tactics with discretion and precision.

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Executive Protection

High net worth individuals and prominent executives should feel safe, regardless of time or place. Our personal protection specialists average 25 years of experience in the military law enforcement.

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Temple Security Consulting & Assessment

In today’s complex socio-political and world landscape, ensuring the safety of your Houses of Worship, be it a Temples, Synagogue or Church, is more crucial than ever. At Beau Dietl and Associates, we specialize in providing expert security consulting and assessment services tailored specifically for such sacred spaces.

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