South Street Seaport

The Challenge

  • BDA provides upscale security at the Seaport 24/7, 365 days a year, providing over 65,000 hrs. of service annually 
  • In addition, BDA provides approximately 16,500 hrs. of security for the Seaport’s special events and concerts.
  • In June of 2021, BDA signed a contract with the Seaport and Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) to provide full security at the Seaport, consisting of Pier 17 and the “Uplands” 
  • In addition, BDA was tasked with providing special event and concert security for a 4,000+ person venue

The Result

  • BDA expeditiously trained and hired staff for the Seaport, ensuring the safety at one of NYC primer waterfront attractions 
  • BDA’s special event staff was called upon to ensure the security of over 4,000 concert goers at over 30 concerts year to date
  • The Seaport continues to attract 10K+ visitors at its shops, restaurants and special events while BDA’s ensures the safety and security of each and every guest
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