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At Beau Dietl Security, we help companies understand the importance of elevating security into their strategic risk plan, enabling them to integrate comprehensive risk management solutions throughout their portfolio.

With nearly four decades in the security industry, we know the key difference between Beau Dietl & Associates and our competition is oversight. Beau Dietl Security is a comprehensive and client-centric firm anchored by a highly responsive management team. 

As the world changes and security challenges evolve, so, do we. Utilizing high risk modeling methodologies, we determine the profile of potential threats, then implement access control to increase site security.  Our teams are actively and  significantly lowering risks to venues and corporate assets of all types across the United States.

Beau Dietl Security’s approach to strategic risk mitigation coupled with our best-in-class management positions us to take on any assignment.


Trusted For 40 Years

At Beau Dietl & Associates, we redefine security and investigations with a personalized touch. Founded by the legendary NYPD detective, Bo Dietl, we’ve been safeguarding corporations, law firms, and high net worth individuals for more than 40 years. What sets us apart from the “big box” security and investigative firms is our commitment to a personal, problem-solving approach, driven by attentive Senior Leadership.

Since his earliest days in the private sector, Bo has sought to partner with and collaborate with the most accomplished experts in each and every domain. Bo and his associates have delivered best in class results driving decision-making for individuals, businesses and organizations.

At BDA,  we believe that every security challenge and investigation is unique. Our process begins with a bespoke approach, led by our seasoned Senior Leadership. They collaborate closely with our clients to understand specific needs resulting in strategic plans to ensure a tailored solution designed to mitigate risk most effectively.  Once the strategy is established, our teams are carefully handpicked to match the specific demands of the plan. 

With Beau Dietl & Associates, success is not just an option; it’s an expectation. We’re here to mitigate risk and protect personal and corporate assets, so clients can focus on what matters most: their business and their success.

Our Leadership

Richard Bo Dietl

Founder & CEO
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Michael Ruggiero

President & Chief Operating Officer
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Larry Williams

Vice President of Security
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Jaclyn Dietl

Chief Administrative Officer
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Roger Kohlbecker

Chief Financial Officer
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